Rebirth & Renewal Novena Writings ~~ Joyful

Odilon Redon

Rebirth & Renewal Novena
Day 37~The Joyful, March 3, 2023
March 3, 2023 Joyful~

The alchemy unfolds. No beginnings or timelines. Ingredients gathered. Seeds collected. The earth awaits our coming out and up from the depths.

We arrive.
We step out from the waters holding hands to steady our first steps on dry land.
We trust in the unknowingness of the myriad things.

One drop of water becomes a bead, becomes the flower and becomes the garland woven with love.

A decade, a rosary. Love.

Alchemical into a fluid container of psychic awareness.

This holy, cosmic womb is the vessel allowing integration.
The viscerality of feeling.
There is hope and inspiration.
We extend consent yet remain vulnerable; vulnerability of the Unknown.

Endless doorways to experience one’s Divinity.


Seeking autonomy, we find ourselves demonized.

Lilith shows herself bright in the Light of Leo’s sun.

Miasmic spider-webbed history.

Insidious wrath held deep underground.

We *disobey to gain freedom.

Predominant duality fits the norm and is accepted as truth.


There is an acuteness of awareness moving in and through the cells.

Days are orchestrated to mindfully remove what is the “known”.

My body’s landscape carries our ancestor’s grief.

We engage/take up space to confirm our existence.

Solidarity is organic and magnetizing.

Self-organization requires solitude.

Afflictions drop away as we walk hand in hand.

Courage under the fear can move mountains.


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