Rebirth & Renewal Novena Writings ~~Glory

Georgia O’Keefe

Rebirth & Renewal Novena
Day 39
The Glorious ~ March 5, 2023

Always in the depths now. Feet firmly touching the beginnings. No fear of drowning. Able now to breath water in as sea creatures, as babies taking in our mother’s amniotic fluid. Water/air/water/air.

Freedom. Kundalini rising. Somatic embracing the once untouchable.
I (We) rise and awaken.
Courage and a curiosity for the unknown. A deep-felt sense of gratitude and grace.
Humility as a strength.

I am a handmaiden to your light.
Dwelling in possibilities.
I went to a cave.
A sheep in the shrine
of herd mentality.
What is weakest; not the roses.
There is receptivity in the grotto.
There, the crocus.
There the beginnings green.
There, the aspen, juniper, and pinon.
There, a homily arises.
You, climate of joy and sorrow and glory.
Oh, Queen of heaven

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