Dear Friend

A few things about being retired that you can’t know until you’re there. That you’ve been taken out of the stream of the working world. A stream you didn’t know you were in. (kind of like a fish asking, “what water?”) And now, a new stream presents itself,  one with different borders and edges; softer, more refined. There’s a freedom I didn’t even know existed.

When I was a young girl and still *free from the constraints of adult obligations and responsibilities, there was a constant push and pull and pressure. The pressure of “what are you going to be” when you grow up, and where’s my soul mate. As well as learning how to carve out your own identity outside of the parameters of your family of origin.

This is a new freedom and it’s waiting to be discovered. A field filled with limitless possibilities. I’m being invited to place my feet, one step at a time onto this new ground. The only thing preventing this exploration could be that of fear. Ah…the beautiful unknown.

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