Dear Friend

Trying something new. I was writing an email response to a friend and was reminded how much I enjoy writing letters. Writing to my friends. Responding to an email, answering the person’s questions, and making sure I covered everything. It got me to thinking, writing on this blog could be like that too. As if I’m writing, daily, or whatever, to a dear friend. Sharing my thoughts and ideas and fears and hopes etc. So, we’ll see…

I’m celebrating my one-year anniversary of retirement. Time has moved so quickly! One of the things I began to realize in my early days of not being at work was that, although I’m a fairly solitary person; I enjoy being outside our small town and more in the rural area, I noticed I was missing the day to day of connecting with my co-workers and the clientele. I would say I’m a social introvert. I prefer my own company or that of just my partner or one on one get-togethers. When I did go out it was usually on my own or just with another friend or to meet up with my son. Being home day after day I began to notice that my work was my social outlet.

So there are many “firsts” these days. Learning how to reach out and plan an outing with a girlfriend. Having “artist dates” on my own. (part of Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way prescription for creatives. And more importantly, learning to be comfortable with my own company. Being comfortable in my own skin.

A lot did happen this year, but I’ll tell you more in another “letter.”
Until then,
much love

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