Sita by Odilon Redon

I’ve completed ten sonnets. 98 more to go. This is a year-long project. Perhaps I’ll finish sooner.  The point is I’ve created a container that is as dynamic as the sonnets I’m writing. It’s been an intense 6 months. Good and challenging and full. A great deal of trust is involved when you know you’re consciousness is showing up in its newness.

More to follow.



Bring to mind an awareness.
A phosphorescent glow; a glimmering.
Dawn brought cloud cover and stars only imagined.
I dreamt of water and a foreign language.
Are nightmares intuitions or conjured fears?
Cancer Moon invokes Our Mother.
There is only disappearance when unwillingness to see is chosen.
The blue flame beckons awakening.
Transformation is received through humility.
The metamorphosis you seek is already now.
Is an umbrella required to stave off the absurdities?
Turn towards and betrayal will run.
Sacrifice without attachment; a silent gift.
Breath is prayer unfolding.


In meditation, we invite it all in.
Chanting is our necklace of prayer.
My soul burns through the samskaras with a fury.
Demons and angels surface for transmutation.
Divine music begins to arise from beneath and under and inside.
Our ancestral sages are walking into this timeline.
Tongue and mouth negotiate the nadis.*
Nectar floats down the vishuddha.*
Capacity is obtained in its own time.
Their song resonates non-binary.
Permutations of existence are continuous and dynamic.
Mental health is both, and.
Sacred naad* of sound belongs to all.
She named him Infinity and we all were received.

nadis ~ a yogic term, energetic pathways present in the subtle body.
vishuddha ~ throat chakra
naad ~ sound waves/frequency, sacred sound waves/cosmic sound.

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