A New Addition

We have a new family member. Her name is Emily and she was just 9 weeks old when we brought her home. Her mom is all Labrador and her dad is mostly Lab with a touch of Beagle. She was a litter of ten and the last to leave her family.  I took this picture the following morning.

It’s been 2 weeks already. She’s doubled her weight (from 7 pounds to almost 15). Our 5-year-old lab/german shepherd boy, Cooper is over the moon. They wrestle quite a bit and of course, we’re right there for those moments when he loses his patience, which I have to say is rare. It is a joy and a miracle to watch and observe as Emily learns and retains basic commands and potty training. Mostly, there’s nothing more fascinating (or entertaining) than to watch Cooper & Emily find their way with one another.

Animal communication is magical. And of course, the patience that my partner and I have been called upon has been….trying at times as well as reminiscent of raising my two sons ;-). The easiest way I am finding to get through this initial phase (probably the first year) with Emily is to completely let go of any agenda or timeline in regards to when I want her to be at a certain phase of training. Emily is showing me how to be patient and still after years of being on a set schedule and multi-tasking my life. Now, when I take her out to go potty, I’m not also listening to something on my phone or texting someone. I’m watching her do her thing. One action. One thing. Full immersion.

And similar to parenting; sleep when the puppy sleeps. Meditate when the puppy sleeps. Write my sonnets when the puppy sleeps. And all things will be accomplished. Even time to be with my partner, who after I was a tad short with him in the beginning from not sleeping the first few nights, has been with me every step of the way.

More to follow. And here’s Cooper and Emily the second day getting to know each other.

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