Thought Experiment as Womb Space (a work in progress)

                              Lilies by Joyce Moskow, 1977

“You don’t need it if you’re done having children.” Who says?
Seth says every cell contains all the information (intelligence) required. Knowledge.

Point/counterpoint. Multi-valent. Contrast. Paradox. Polar opposite. Dichotomy.
Hot water rushing in; wind breathes in the Spring.

What made you grow? Who invited you? In.

Ida and pingala spiral north and south.
Caduceus – Do no harm.

Not wanting to continue with the lesson. Can I embrace you?

Making a deal: Practice qigong and drop “it” for an hour. I won’t check results…
for the next hour.
Until dinner time.
Until tomorrow.
Until she calls.

Not worrisome”; does not = painless. 
Blessed is the fruit of your womb/my womb/our womb.
I’m giving it up.
From the womb we call, “Stop the war.” From our galactic center, we bleed the knowledge buried deep. did we deny ourselves? close ourselves down? how did this happen, timeless time ago; and only just now? I’ve read recently, “If women were in power there would be no more war.” We’ve gotten awfully adept at fighting and bullying “one-upping” one another as we’ve modeled the men in power. They have been the footsteps we’ve walked in. Is it possible (is this what is wanted?), to walk a new path with our own set of footprints. Next to; side by side; no behind or front of.  
an unknown man posts the 2nd anniversary of his daughter’s suicide, along with her photo, just shy of her 17th birthday. I am gutted. As if she came from my own womb. How is it possible for a heart to continue breaking? The burden of grief and how we all hold each other and accept responsibility. 
Heart and womb as reliquaries.

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