Disengaging to Re-Engage

ides of March snowfall
party of five stellar jays
waiting my turn for the vaccine

Field notes:

I’ve taken myself off of social media. This is the only place right now where my voice is available. It’s like pulling all possible allergens out of one’s diet to see what’s actually healthy for the mind/body.

I’ve registered to get my vaccine.
I’ve purchased homeopathic remedies to counteract possible side effects.
I’m considering taking the Transcendental Meditation training. This is so curious to me. After all this time and years of yoga and meditation and chanting and kundalini yoga and zazen and praying the rosary. There is something. There.

I hear her inside. She wants to go even deeper. Deeper than ever before. To the bone. Something else as well. Something about service. To self (SELF). Others. All.

I have dreams of my youngest son. I’m seeing another other care for him. I understand I am not the only one watching out for him. Generosity is allowing others to *mother*.

New symptoms. Pins and needles in the lower legs. Hydrate? Perhaps a new awareness of what might be. More than the *sum* of the physical sensations of body. Of legs.

transmission occurs
via non communication
dappling sun on dog’s fur

“My soul radially whorls out to the edges of my body, according to the same laws by which stars shine, communicating with my body by emanation.” From “Hello the Roses” by Mei Mei Berssenbrugge

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