Chiron Waves and Prayer

Always with me

The way through these strong Chiron waves. Breath and prayer. There’s no telling from the outer form. And inside, it’s a storm, and it’s all mine. Not trying to be a martyr here. No. There’s a particular calibration that occurs and I have to move in order for it to go through the process. I see the aspect coming up and the time frame. And then a burning; existential? A fire inside. The DNA rearranging itself. The carbon pieces disassembling. And I watch. And I wait.

And the shift occurs, and I can take a fresh, first breath. Perhaps precipitated by an event or person, there’s understanding it’s the marrow which requires my fullest attention. Change. Shifts. The center holds again.

Immortals Having a Party

You could be a person or you could be immortal, a wave in the environment.

How to describe energy without matter, without dimension or gods?

Through space, the world has passed; a year has gone by.

The word for earth, world is year, which moves in time like water in water, it does not pass.

Their word for cosmos is year.

We say time contemporary with creation, our births, the birth of our daughter was constitutively blessed by the presence of gods, say goddess, divines.

At our age, world grows into time faster than light, an energy in the medium of love, no quanta, rays, waves, no gods or geomagnetic force, angels, not even ghosts of those who loved us.\, who were present at the origin, co-creating; now light without light.

Light is reversible.

Mei Mei Berssenbrugge, “Hello, the Roses”.

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