Dahlia’s and Fieldnotes

Anniversary Dahlia’s

Dahlia’s represent grace and elegance and the flower assigned to one’s 14th wedding anniversary. They also signify lasting commitment. I can honestly say the 14 years I’ve shared with my partner have been filled with grace and yes, elegance. I feel so fortunate to be in relationship with one who has deep respect for my own space and sovereignty.

Today we have a new president. It’s such a breath of fresh air. I’m not going to say anything negative. Don’t we all deserve just a few moments of no vitriol and harsh words?

In the meantime, I’m asking myself questions like:
”who am I working for”
”how much money do I really need?”
”is the stress worth the additional money?”
Is it the year for early retirement?

Where does my peace emanate from?

What are my practices?

Covid continues. I’ve become *used* to wearing a mask even to the extent of investing in cloth masks.

There’s so much going on inside with no words available. I could say Chiron is having its way with me. There’s no shortage of dreams. I’m learning the glyphs of asteroids. Astrological aspects are free from maleficent influence. Everything is an ingredient for this life.

Discernment is my word for the year.
The fields of awareness.
How can I serve?

Novenas to Our Lady. What does it feel like?

If not now, when?

Clarity of thought. Words are priceless and short on economy.

Am I exhausted? A teacher says, “don’t get tossed away”. I watch how money (the more ness or the less ness of), can throw me about from one side of the ship to another.

I ask the stars and the moon, and the planets to inform me. They are all speaking so loud looking for ears to be heard. With the sun now in Aquarius ruled by Uranus in Taurus. Flashes of insight and genius grounded in Taurus’s earth.

And a few lines from one of my favorite poets;
Mei Mei Berssenbrugge and “A Treatise on Stars”:

“…Your consciousness lovingly assimilates new events to enhance cognition that ensouls space. I present physical evidence where applicable, but my interest is in my informant and her words. I learn more about that Eureka moment, when intense phenomenon becomes transparent to the ideal.”

more clarity to follow…..

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