Staying Empty

I decided to take the last few weeks in December to stay empty and not “chase what isn’t seeking me”. 2020 found me moving from my Kundalini Yoga teacher training and then one Zoom course to another. These classes were wonderful containers and “places to go” as the world learned how to “stay in place”, wear masks and wash our hands correctly.

Yoga, contemplative photography, astrology, meditation and writing. These have been the filters I’ve accessed through the year. Useful tools in supporting the way through and understanding the deep changes taking place both in the outer and inner worlds.

By September I was Zoomed out. Over the top with screen time. Headaches, having to take naps and a few times getting those funny wavy lines that go across your eye making it nearly impossible to see; generally a forewarning of severe headache or migraine.

At the start of the pandemic, lockdown and the business I work for needing to shut it’s doors for two months, then once back open, a reduction of hours. Through it all though, I’ve stayed COVID free and somehow with the help of unemployment life has been very manageable. Financially and staying sane. Perhaps its helped that both my partner and I live out in the country and tend to be fairly private (social introverts). I have such gratitude for having nature out our back door as a continuous healing balm. And of course, our dog Cooper, who keeps everything in perspective.

As I mentioned in previous posts the annihilation which began while going through my teacher training hasn’t let up; has in fact only changed and morphed with the passing of the months. So many things happened this past year it feels appropriate to document, investigate, go deeper, and remember. The access to the “what happened (s)” must be thoughtfully brought back from the subconscious? The unconscious, my forgotten memories. I wish to try and recapitulate the past into the present. To mine the gold which has been forged for further and possible integration sn synthesis.

In a few days we’ll experience the final full moon of the year in the sign of Cancer. Ruled by the moon, we will have the opportunity to experience our felt sense of 2020 in all her glory and triumphs as well as all the tragedies. What happened?!?

This full moon in Cancer, with the support of our divine mother and the moving forward of Jupiter and Saturn into Aquarius…
ah….. all that air and water. The depth of our emotions and the lightness of the open sky. This is a time for seeing it all and letting it all go. A clean sweep; in the way the buddhist monks sweep the colored sand mandala that took days to build.

STay tuned.

“Technology is for communication

Technology evolved solely for the purpose of divine

All its other forms are byproducts”

“A Sand Book”, by Ariana Reines


Things I’ll be talking about in future posts:

Kundalini Yoga teacher training


Venus Immersion

Miksang classes and teacher training


Writing and Poetry


Novenas and Mother Mary and praying the rosary

Sky moving.

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