Mother Goddess Divine


Mother Goddess Divine.

Kundalini, Kali,  Sushumna.
Venus, Ida.
Mother Mary, Pingala.
Kali as mother who gives birth.

The umbilicus severed.
The child takes nourishment from the mother’s nipples.
She waves her sword, severing physical nourishment.

The divine feminine, Venus pours out her healing blue liquid.

SHE is the Mother Mary infused.
SHE is Kali-Ma who takes no prisoners.
SHE is the sword of discernment.

Did I summon you?

Devotion to Mary, her blue mantel enfolds me.
Do not be fooled by the beatific interpretations.
Within HER is present what is required when called upon.

Does Kundalini Shakti, the resting Kali, require a summoning?
Or, like the patient mother, shows herself, as snake, striking when
the inner ear is listening?

Traveling this fierce path of transformation, sword at my side.
I vow.

She’s been alive and working in my life, summoned or not.
Intentionally called upon with strong breath,
shaken open during birth,
smiling whilst in sexual ecstasy, or
buzzing hive-like during periods of silence.

She has always been with me. The weaving tantrix. Cellular.

And now, another awakening, the umbilicus alive wanting to impart her knowledge. Another severing.
The sword slices the etheric cord.
Droplets of blood replaced with salty tears.

New childlike codes appear.
I write them now in my galactic center.
I claim this space as mine.


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