One: life is precious.

Two: life is sacred.

Three: I feel the weight of this loss.

Four: It is a loss.

Five: We all choose everything.

Six: They made there choices

Seven: And yet. And still. This is loss.

Eight: Heart breaks.

Nine: Loss in the world, reaching the internet for all of us to bear witness to. 

Ten: Bear witness.

Eleven: I think of my sons. They are still alive.

Twelve: I am deeply loved.

Thirteen: Motherless child.

Fourteen: Man without his wife.

Fifteen: Sister without a sister.

Sixteen: Family without a father.

Seventeen: Lover without.

Eighteen: 25% increase in taking your own life in last 20 years.

Nineteen: Where are they going?

Twenty: Where are we headed?

Twenty-one: The brevity.

Twenty-two: Is there a new dimension we’ve yet to learn about?

Twenty-three: Is it better to stay?

Twenty-four: Who gets to decide?

Twenty-five: We. Never. Know. Anything. 

Twenty-six: “She seemed fine, happy.”

Twenty-seven: “There was no indication.”

Twenty-eight: Repeat: We. Never. Know.

Twenty-nine: Lifeline (s). Can we be?

Thirty: She said, “I’ll be your lifeline.”




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