Are We Listening ?





Are We Listening?

I thought of Syrians while breaking down pieces of cardboard.

thinking their normal is bombs exploding.


Driving on the freeway thinking, I’m free.


is free.

What is the countermeasure to war?

What is the response to buffoonery?

What is your ethnicity?

What is the difference between caucasian and white?

Are we afro american, black, african?

Are we native american, native, indians, indigenous, the first americans?

Are you an american and, are you proud?

Am i straight, gay, bi-sexual, cis, binary, FtM, MtF, celibate, agender, asexual.


Am i human?

Are you buddhist, catholic, atheist, christian, muslim, sufi, hindu, jew, anarchist?

Do you believe in a God, Goddess, matriarchy, patriarchy, Vishnu, Krishna, Buddha, Allah, a power greater than yourself?

Is someone/are their those greater than yourself?

By the authority vested in me; who’s authority? 



Do you have authority over me? Me over you?

Can we flatten the hierarchy? 

Who is the hierarchy?

Can music solve everything?

and writing?





Are we all makers and have simply forgotten?

Is something worth it only if you struggle? 

If you don’t struggle/fight for/resist/demand, does this mean you’re not worthy of?

When did we become valuable? 

Were we valued at birth? Born “with value”,

Does one bestow value upon?

When did you forget your value and why did you believe him/her/them/you?

Did God give you your worth?

Who is God?

Was Mary your intercessor?

Was Jesus the son of God?

Could you live in a tent? Do you? Is the roof over your head the open sky?

Do you know where your next meal is coming from?

Do you remember the sound of silence?

of birdsong?

of your child’s laughter?

life without tanks and guns and mortars, and helicopters and air raids and bombs bursting filled with nails and glass and metal to do more damage?

first light of dawn,

the soft touch of another’s love.

Do you remember feeling safe? Can you trust?

Are we all going mad?

Has the 100th monkey been revealed?

Is the tipping point?

Are the paradigms shifting?

Are you enlightened?

Have you experienced satori?



the rapture?

Are you experienced?

Have you been loved? Are you in love?

Do you know love?

Do you know you are love?

Do we need to know war to know peace?

Can we be kind? Do you know how?

Is there experience beyond good and evil?

A third/fourth/fifth thing?

Outside the two contrasts?

Can we live without duality?

Is contrast required for understanding?

Do you doubt/is there fear?

Can you trust?

Have faith.



Are we human?

Can you hear?

Are we listening?

Are we?

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