Codes Awakening


After the full moon shining brightly. Glowing inside. Striding/ascending in 5D. What is that? A common language in evolutionary astrology and other areas outside any political arena. DNA filled to the brim and awaiting our approval to awaken to the codes encapsulated within. There are crystalline gems/diamonds that are shining/waiting to shine/have been shining all along…

Taikotu: “to apprehend with the body”. (a Rinzai Zen Buddhist term).
embodiment/what happens***

I received writing instructions from a writer I follow in November of 2015. I found them again yesterday. Her writing is provocative/embodied/cerebral/feral.
It evokes movement inside of me.

The writing codes have been awakened/re-awakened.

She instructs:
“Walk until you reach a mauve smudge. (I realize I have yet to find it)
You will know it when you see. It.
Stop there and insert, in your own way, a thin gold thread. I see you plucking something out that was lodged in a crevice or seam. But there is an aperture.
And the mauve is the aperture. (my photography?)
A portal. (everything has the possibility for this opening)
There is something deep inside the writing that has lodged there, and needs to be plucked out delicately. It is not possible to insert your whole hand. (this will take time)
I should also mention that it involves the activity of drawing. (this would be new for me)
Semblance, honey that talks.
(starting to take honey in my tea and/manuka healing properties)
A hive?”

There’s a bit more but that is for me. And so is the above. And yet, it’s the above I wish to work with. Write about. Take apart.

I think of haibun and Haiga<> prose/haiku/images.

I work on more And– instead of but, –


I read about the asteroids in relation to the planets: Quaoar, Makemake, Haumea, Ceres, Pallus and Athena. (a separate post)

Black Moon Lilith, the first Eve. Oh my god. Her power/strength and influence in my life.
(most certainly a separate post)

Something else I just read, “Don’t be selfish, give yourself completely.”***

What’s going on?
What is dying/what is being reborn/who is being reborn?

The same themes keep emerging around intimacy and relationship (s). And, I prefer to not talk with anyone about these things. I did a while back and I didn’t believe what I was told and then going to the source and receiving very different information. I thought, what is truth and when I go outside of myself, (anywhere) seeking answers, “The” answer, I am given only what is, on some level, a reflection of everything inside of me? I become confused and then paralyzed because I don’t know.
I just don’t know. Confusion/paranoia/ I have no idea what the truth is anymore.

And, I walk out into the garden, clean away the detritus of winter. Make room for the tulips and the iris’s; their leaves already greened and pushed up through the black dirt. And, the clouds part, the mind shifts and lightness takes the place of the heaviness from the thoughts that didn’t make any sense in the first place.

So, I ask myself, where am I going with all of this? Is there a bogey-woman in my grey matter? As there is no boundary to any thought process, I am guided, intuitively, to understand thinking/the mind/any and all thoughts arising come upon a continuum  which, can also be experienced as a spectrum. Like sexuality and spirituality.
Alive in a human form breathing in/breathing out is a full spectrum situation.

^^I just read this quote, “dark thoughts and anxious feelings are just that-thinking, feeling.” Norman Fischer/zen teacher**.^^

^^The other day I asked someone to show me how they muscle test. She answered, “Go inside and ask your self. That’s where you’ll find the truest answer.^^
~~~Just like Dumbo and the feather he thought he had to carry so he could fly….it’s all inside/for free/no gimmicks/jewels/magic potions/special incantations/pries/ess/guru/masters/guides. All of these things I know and love and have accessed at one time or another for…..

Divine being in human form.

and this, “Jamais vu”: seeing something familiar as if for the first time.

**Norman Fischer
***Shozan Jack Haubner


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