it’s going to be April….


                                                                            more on the inside

Tomorrow is April 1st. 

There’s been snow. And now there are daffodils, tulips, forsythia, and juniper.

And green grass just sitting there all winter long waiting, to show, how it stayed green.

All that season long.

I stood up for myself.

And, the other day I thought, I’m going to stand up when _____speaks to me. 

So, I won’t feel small and be looked down on.

And, I did. And it felt good. And, it felt  right.

Fifteen years ago I started learning how to play the violin; just like that.

I can be this way.

Just like that.

But things got tough. And I said good bye to my violin.

The same thing has occurred once again.

Poof! I’m going to learn to play the cello. 

I’m going to go to our local violin shop. I’m going to just hang out for a while.

I’m going to sit with this cello person.

I want to take my time and get a sense of what this instrument holds for me.

Is trying to tell me. 

I don’t know my notes, can only barely read music. 

But, she’s calling to me. The strings.

The strings are the heart center.

Mine. Yours.

Our hearts at the center.

I think saying “broken heart”, is an incorrect description. Perhaps we’re simply allowing oursleves

to be revealed. Perhaps it feels broken only because we are unaccustomed to being completely open.

To it all. 

To it all.

This beautiful life full of pain and joy and beauty.



Stay tuned.

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