Field Notes January 4,2015


Full Moon in Cancer.

My two sons, no longer boys. Having their own life experiences shaping them/changing them.
I’ve been hearing myself say a lot, “none of us get a manual”…..
They are my bright, shining lights; whoever they are/become/do.
Allowing them to have their own lives is my job now.
Let go, letting go, letting go again and again.

Lucy chased our fifteen year old cat up a fifty foot scotch pine in our back yard. The first branch she settled on was about twenty feet up. After quite a while of watching her trying to get down on her own (and Lucy in the house with the shades drawn), out came the ladder. She let me grab hold of the scruff of her neck, surprisingly, no claws.
These are the simple, uncomplicated things in my life.

With all the insanity in the world, I try to keep things simple, uncomplicated and low drama. Sometimes the drama comes looking for you though.
Thich Nhat Hanh says the best we can do for another is give them our presence.
I sat in my car and sang the heart sutra before I saw my oldest son today.
I wanted there to be a vibration of healing balm.
How to hold the shattered heart.

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