Layered, Seperate, Whole


Today, I walk where there is no ground.
Today, my skin merges with the air.
Today, this body, this concrete, this air, this permeable landscape of interdependence.

Walking in this layered existence, my instinct is to cling to what is “real” AND wanting to trust this brightness of being.
I go out, then touch back in: birdsong, shoe heel touching earth, dog pulling the leash…”hey, wake up!”.
I tend to practical matters for planted memory.
Such a sense of humility dreams merge with the everyday.
There is no holding in the bigness

This personation of the layered self.
This illusion of seperateness and sensed isolation.
This allowing into willingness, mergification, unifying, infinite wholeness. Brian’s prompt; self portrait poetry.


  1. I admire the layered perception,hopefully life allows us to merge our separate selves into wholeness & completeness ~ A lovely share ~ Wishing you Happy Easter ~


  2. recognizing that interdependence…the merging with it…that is a beautiful way of living….recognising that relationship and what it means…very cool philosophic approach to who we see in ourselves.


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