On writing Poetry


I get the sense there’s something in the air….there’s an evolution taking place and it just may be that evolution will be infiltrating my writing/poetry/prose voice. Here’s a bit from an interview in Poets & Writers with poet,
Brenda Hillman on writing poetry and said evolution.

“But I can’t get why one would want to eliminate the trace of a spoken thought in the poem. There are so many moments in which the human “voice” comes in, in Stein’s “Lifting Belly,” say, or in John Ashbery’s poetry, which I love. It isn’t not writerly. It always seemed to me that one of the great things about poetry was when you would hear writing itself, some very specific quality of life that was only possible in that particular expression. There’s something really good about the breakdown of the notion of the ego and the accompanying opening up of the page that has come about through literary theory. It does seem to me crucial that we keep in mind that poetry is about states of mind, and about people going through things as selves and as collectives in relation to the earth, in relation to being alive, in relation to becoming. It is impossible for me to enjoy poetry if there is no sense of intense experience. The old autobiographical narrative isn’t necessarily going to cut it every time. Yet it seems to me crucial to have a sense that somebody went through something, or the powerful thought of the poem as a replica of that. –
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