My Own Cloak


i can’t see myself/you make me visible/real.
Who’s listening, anyway? can you hear?
When i speak and there’s no answer i think, does it matter?
Should i repeat/clarify, were you listening?
Should you look my way, do you see more of me?
In the moment/energy/do i need your eyes set on mine to engage in connection?
Making something out of nothing?

My questioning transforms me into something new, something i wasn’t just a moment ago.
Imperceptible is my understanding.
Unseeable is how i feel, veiled from your love.
Ungraspable is my perception.
This ghostly feeling that if you don’t see me, there’s no love.

Where is love?

i see/capture things others don’t.
nuances/subtleties/unspoken phrases underneath the good morning.

if there’s a sound, am i seen?
when thought arises, “do i matter?”, and already has become a story i’ve attached myself to; can i let it go, let it go, let it go?

Are two necessary to create experience?
am i a writer should no one read my words?
am i a musician should no one hear my song?

isn’t this all a prayer to the invisible that fills up and includes all the spaces of this entirety?

if you don’t see me, am i alive?
who is the seen and who is the seer?

just for now, and now, and now,

just this.

ahh….i make my own cloak.


Poetry prompt by Mary Kling over at dVerse/Invisibility




  1. I believe if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, it does make a sound (and not because the Geico commercial says so). I feel the same hear…you don’t need someone else to be seen, to be a writer, to be a musician, to be alive…


    1. Thanks for visiting! What I’m beginning to understand is this “invisibility” factor is something I came into this life with. After 5 and a half decades I’m FINALLY “getting” the complete falsehood and untruth that this is part of who i am. What a gift to live long enough to let this go…BIG SMILES.


  2. is it that others make us visible.. ? that if there’s no sound we can’t be seen..? good questions here though dangerous if we make it dependent on others….good with the own cloak you know..


  3. You really have some deep questions here. When you speak and there’s no answer, I think it STILL matters. You have expressed yourself. And I like the idea of questioning transforming yourself into something you weren’t a moment ago. Ah, I think a person is a writer whether or not anyone (besides oneself) reads the words. A writer writes, and if thoughts are somehow preserved, that is a good thing! Smiles.


  4. if i dont make a sound…its like a tree falling in the woods…what makes it real…does it take two to make an experience…if no one sees me, am i really alive…that is a very slippery slope….


  5. i like the question format specially this part:

    if you don’t see me, am i alive?
    who is the seen and who is the seer?

    thought provoking post ~


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