And then i thought


and then i thought,
how do i fully embody this life, my life?
how am i experiencing each passing day?
where do i end and you begin?
and, acknowledging our connection, how am i me and when am i you?

and then i thought, why do i taking everything so personally?
is it i’m not good enough or i think too much or i believe what i think too much or i’m a sponge for another’s thoughts/moods/feelings?

and then i think, what does any of it matter? really…it’s already the next moment and the wind has picked up and the dog needs a bath and every moment counts and every moment becomes a part of history and history is the story we give it and can be changed at any new moment.

exploring the weaving of intimate embodiment of inhabiting
each moment of this moment and this moment and now this.


  1. some things lose its dynamic when we look at them in the frame of the bigger picture… in the course of history… i tend to take things personally as well… working on it..


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