Evolution Strikes a Balance



God made me to love and serve him…

Dad worked in the furniture store that doubled as the funeral parlor; where he trained to be a mortician – 
“god willin’ and the creek don’t rise”
That’s how Mom & Dad met in ’46 – at grandpa’s wake. 
Six of one half a dozen of the other.
Dad had a side business making colostomy bags and used to answer the phone, “Sherman’s morgue, you kill ’em, we chill ’em.” He’d get off the phone, laughin’.
 It got me familiar, aquainted, not to fear death.

Mom was a hospice nurse and dragged me to every patient’s wake.
“Oh, didn’t they do a nice job?” “Didn’t Mr. J look so natural?”
She’d say to me, “Mary Therese, when you lie you make Jesus cry.”
I was devastated.

Meanwhile,  after the goldrush, crystal blue persuasion, you are the sunshine of my life, both sides now, don’t you love me baby, kramer’s “giddy-up”, I’d stop in at the Billy Goat for a brewski, cheezberger, cheezberger, cheezberger and watch….da Bears.

Disasters, fires and death…all of us; parents and siblings, it was in our genes.
You care for others first in this life and you will be rewarded in the next because-
God helps those that help themselves.

I am the black sheep/healer/hospice worker/massage therapist/zen buddhist/home birther/Namaste/omnamahshivaya/ommanipadmehum/gassho.
Just this.

There is no god and she is always with you.

dVerse-Hearth, Home and Common Speech prompt today by Gay Reiser Cannon
Head on over to: http://dversepoets.com/2013/12/12/hearth-home-and-the-common-tongue/




  1. I love the rush and whirl of life’s images. Our defining moments. And the little ones in between that only hatch later in our minds. So potent. I feel carried by it.


  2. Yep – there with you every step of the way…start out as Romans wind up as Deists – hopeful and kind and you wove all those incidentals of how we incorporate our culture…music, television, radio, parents, jobs, advertising, the American dream, and faith into this very tight poem. Well done. I think I know you.


  3. I really, really liked all the details you shared in this poem. I felt I got to know some important things about your family through their professions and expressions. Ha, I have seen the “Billy Goat” and I am a bit north of the Bears. LOL.


  4. haha… your dad sounds like a fun person… i like how naturally you got aquainted with death at a young age… maybe not easy… my mom used to work in a home for elderly people and sometimes it scared the bones out of me when she told her stories…. and ugh… using god to put pressure on kids is not good…


  5. da bears….smiles. fun romp, with quite a bit of your history thrown in as well..not to fear death early…yeah, i can see that…and like your dad’s humor…we had a few mortifying statements to strike the fear of god in me as a kid as well…ugh…it all comes out in the wash anyway right?


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