Why Do I Want More?


That’s the writing prompt from a month long Gratitude practice I’m investigating this month. I say “investigating” because this is what it feels that I’m doing. Don’t realy care for the word “doing” either. 

I’m over here at WordPress, attemptiing to understand this place/space and perhaps my new home. So, even now and here, I ask myself, Why do I want more? Why do I want to create another place for my writing/images etc. I know there’s a lot of positive about this. Not getting stuck in a rut, being willing to explore/take risks/”put myself out there”…not crazy about that phrase either….

Why do I want more? I want another dog so bad it tears at my heart every time I think I’m seeing the perfect “profile” at our humane society’s website. What I’m finally recognizing is that all of “my wants” do in fact affect everyone. And in the case of another animal in the house, no less than 4 others…partner, Lucy (my almost 4 year old dog), three long time cat residents and my (still) part time (almost) 19 year old…

I’m studying the practice of precepts in zen buddhism, reading a book by Reb Anderson*, in he says (speaking about dependent co-arising); ” By understanding how all things arise together, you shift from viewing yourself as acting upon and realizing all things, to a new vision of seeing all things coming forth and realizing you. You change from thinking on behalf of only yourself to thinking on behalf of all things. Instead of using yourself to realize the world, you see that the world uses you to realize yourself, and this is the same as the world using you to realize it.”

That’s what’s on my, in my, in front of me today.


*”Being Upright: Zen Meditation and the Bodhisattva Precepts”, by Reb Anderson



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